At Websterz Technologies, we recognize the monumental role of your website in generating revenue,
which is why we design stunning and engaging websites that increase brand awareness,
support users, and convert like crazy.



While having awesome graphics and a beautifully designed website is essential, there’s more that you need to do the magic. So, we combine all the ingredients of a successful website to encourage conversions and generate business. Our team studies the user’s behavior to design experiences.

  • Competitive Analysis for Detailed Planning
  • Customer-centric Design Processes
  • Custom Strategy and Website Design
  • Result-oriented Design Process and Workflow


Your Website is the "Online Hub"
For your Business







As you consider designing or redesigning your website, you may question the importance. It is vital to understand that your website has an impact on your audience and your business. It is the tool to create the first impression. Within seconds, visitors will form a judgment about your business on the basis of your website’s structure and design.

If your website is dull, outdated, unappealing, and does not convey the required information instantly, visitors will form a negative opinion about your business. They’ll leave your page for a competitor’s, and you’ll miss out on leads.

Design elements and practices impact the way content is structured on your website. This structuring further affects the crawling and indexing of your website by search engine spiders. What’s more, your website helps to build customer trust. The audience believes that the amount of hard work you put into designing the website is the amount of effort you will put into servicing them.

Web Design helps you in more ways than you can think:

  • Sets the first impression
  • Enhances your Search Engine Optimization strategy
  • Builds the impression for customer service
  • Establishes trust
  • Keeps you at par with your competition
  • Creates brand consistency and familiarity

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    Is Hosting Included with Web Design?

    A creatively-designed website becomes accessible for everyone on the web with a hosting provider. While some web designers offer services for both hosting and web design, you should hire an expert in each field. These experts will let you leverage the maximum benefit from both services.

    What is the Yearly Cost for Web Hosting?

    There is no fixed cost for hosting. It varies depending on the website requirements. Consider the level of options and features, as well as the hosting environment type. Generally, the range for web hosting services starts from $150 and goes up to around $1500 per year.

    How Long Does it Take to Design a Website?

    The average time taken to build a website from scratch is around 12 to 16 weeks. It starts with approximately 2 to 3 weeks spent in research and analysis, followed by another 4 to 6 weeks for web design. The next 3 to 4 weeks go into development processes like search engine optimization. Always remember to keep an additional 2 weeks for testing and changes and modifications.

    What Is CSS?

    CSS stands for Cascade Styling Sheets. It is a code that allows designers to edit the visual elements of the design. With the help of CSS, you can control the fonts, the colors, the layout, the structure, and the design on the whole. You can create a unique user experience so that customers are attracted to your website.

    What are the Monthly Costs for a Website?

    The costs of website maintenance vary, depending on the type of website and its functionality. For smaller websites, the frequency of updates is low, while for enterprise-level or e-commerce websites, there is a higher frequency of edits and updates. Based on the scope of maintenance, the monthly charges for a website range from $250 to $4500 per month.

    Can I Design a Website Myself?

    Building a website involves several processes like research, designing, development, optimization, testing, etc. It is a long-term commitment, and you need to possess different skills to complete the project. For instance, you must be aware of web design trends and conversions, the demographics, and search engine implementation. Furthermore, you need to have an understanding of coding and programming.

    If you have an understanding of these skills and can devote time, you can try to design a website on your own. However, it may not appear as professional, and you might miss out on essential guidelines and tactics. We recommend you to hire a web development professional so that you can achieve your goals and maximize the results in a stipulated timeframe.

    Are There Any Charges for Squarespace and Wix?

    Squarespace and Wix are popular website building and hosting tools. They provide attractive custom web design templates for startups who are eager to launch their website. The templates, the tools, the add-on features, and more have a monthly or annual carrying cost. This cost depends on your requirements and the complexity of the website.

    While you can use Squarespace and Wix to build award-winning websites, please know that they are like a lessor. You lease the design on their platform, and as soon as your subscription ends, you lose your website.

    How Much Do I Need to Pay for a One-Page-Website?

    The cost of a one-page website is determined on the basis of several factors. These factors include the features, design elements, development processes, optimization, social media functionality, CMS integration, social media content, etc. A web design agency in Toronto will charge anywhere from $300 to $1200. Independent web designers may charge lesser, but you will also miss out on the expertise of the professionals at an agency.

    Let's Improve My Website



      Information Gathering

      Let’s start with the most crucial step in website design and development. We analyze the needs and requirements of the client and also identify its business goals. This step is also known as the Discovery Phase. Our designers understand the elements, if any, from your current website that you wish to maintain. Besides, we discuss the objective of the website, the target audience, and the kind of content that appeals to your potential customer.

      Next, the web design specialists at Websterz Technologies will find out more about your color preferences, vision, theme, and vibe. We gather more insights into your brand’s personality, voice, style guide, and tone of communication. These factors are essential for laying the foundation of website design and development.



      We believe - ‘An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.’ Our web designers create sitemap, prioritizing activities for website completion. We present to you a prototype based on the information acquired earlier. This prototype takes into consideration your design theme and helps us visualize a user-friendly framework. In this way, we decode concepts before beginning the development process.

      If you have any concerns or doubts about the design elements showcased in the prototype, you can get in touch with us, and we will be happy to make the required alterations.



      Here, we are all set to highlight our creativity. The designers put their heart and soul into the project, specifically understanding the site structure and expectations of the client. We try to sketch out the design, organize the elements in layers, and explore various aesthetics.


      Content Writing and Assembly

      Content plays a vital role in the success of a website. Quality content can help you stay ahead of the competition and establish a relationship with the target customer. When professional writers at Websterz Technologies get to work, they create original, creative, and customized content. This includes writing headlines, page titles, captions, descriptions, along with text for SEO, social media posts, and editing of existing content. While writing content for every section, writers remember to keep design and theme into consideration.


      Review 1: Design Presentation

      At this stage, we will organize a review meeting to evaluate the design and look of the website. You can share any inputs or suggestions as per your choice. A list of all the comments will be recorded with a schedule for when the same can be completed.



      The real action begins with this step. Our web design and development experts start building the framework with coding and testing. It is also known as the Development Phase. We integrate all the acquired information, upload content, and add the required elements and features. From the client’s perspective, this phase is quiet because their involvement is little. However, the development phase requires a good portion of time and effort on the agency’s part for the completion of the website.


      Review 2 - Alpha Release

      Since the website is partially complete with specific features, we prepare for a soft launch. Here, the client can completely evaluate the structure and functionality. Business owners and developers can walk through the different features and functions, polishing any web design elements that demand improvements.

      Alpha testing before the full release is critical as it prevents future headaches and hurdles. We can remove the flaws, if any, and ensure that your website gives users a flawless experience.


      Changes and Alterations

      There are many tools to review the degree of search engine optimization, analytics, web design, graphic design, and infrastructure. This review is performed based on user behavior and helps to ensure that the site is not too text-heavy.

      At the time of the delivery of the website, it is important to understand that web design is an ongoing service with continual optimization and adaptation. Feedback systems identify the concerns of your end-users and allow you to stay updated by removing bugs, improving security, and enhancing content without compromising on the design.


      Project Completion

      Finally, the day has arrived when we handover the completed project to you. You receive access to your website and all of its source files, along with instructions to manage the same. Our expert designers and developers will remain in touch with you to ensure that you don’t face any challenges in the future.


      Launch your Website

      Your website is ready to go live. We will publish it on the web and perform a final analysis to ensure that all is working smoothly and the look is as per your expectations.


      Here’s how WEBSTERZ TECHNOLOGIES works with your teams. We prefer to get up close and personal because there’s no other way to find out what you need. But, we promise it’s going to be a blast!

      • First, we will review your business: Where are you now? Where do you want to be?

      • We spy on your competitors: What’s your USP? What are their weak spots?

      • We analyze your target market: Who already loves you? Who could be potentially persuaded?

      • We evaluate your sales processes and your goals with you to measure what you value the most


      Websterz Technologies is a leading Web Design, SEO, E-Commerce Development, Social Media, PPC Advertising, and Digital Marketing Agency. We promise to give our clients peace of mind on their journey of building the business online.